We should pay for the energy we actually use...not fixed fees.

Dear Mr. David Wade and Board of Directors:


While EPB has provided great service to our region, TVA’s plan to establish mandatory, fixed fees threatens to hike bills on Chattanoogans before we even flip a switch in our homes and cripple EPB’s efforts to be a leader on clean energy.


At a time when Chattanoogans are choosing renewable energy and energy efficiency to reduce costs, conserve more, and spur economic growth, electricity bills should be based on the energy we actually use, not mandatory fixed fees.


If TVA increases mandatory fees, it will decrease the value of solar, undercutting EPB and Chattanooga efforts to lead in the new energy economy. Tennessee used to lead on clean energy, but without fairly valuing solar, we’re falling behind states like Georgia and North Carolina that offer five to ten times more solar than TVA provides our state.


As Chattanooga’s forward-thinking leaders, please stop TVA from going in the wrong direction with mandatory fees.



Chattanooga Citizens


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Conservatives for Energy Freedom
National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE)
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